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Evanita Montalvo's Daedalus Retreat Classes

Chain-Plying on an E-Spinner

3 hours TBD materials fee

This class will cover the basics of how to chain-ply on an e-spinner to create a 3-plied yarn from a single.

Students will learn:

  • How much twist is needed for their singles destined for chain plying

  • Hand movements for chain plying that work for them

  • How to position your lazy kate for best results

  • Added bonus tips on how to wind an even bobbin


Students will start out with adding extra twist to commercial singles to prepare them for chain- plying, learn how to chain-ply with these singles, and then progress to chain-plying singles they have brought to class.

Level of Spinning: Spinners will need to be familiar with their wheel and know the basics of spinning singles and traditional plying.


Students should bring: Students should bring any e-spinner and two empty bobbins, a niddy noddy, as well as a lazy kate (homemade kates are just fine). If you don’t own a Daedalus brand e-spinner, we will have some available for rent and trial. Students will also need 2 oz of singles with long color repeats destined for chain plying.

Supplies Provided by Instructor: commercial singles

Outstanding Images: For Fiber Artists

3 hours

Why is photographing yarn and fiber different from other kinds of product photography? What are the unique challenges we face when photographing our work? How do you solve these challenges and bring exciting and beautiful representations of your fiber creations to the online environment?


In this in-person version of my online course, "Outstanding Images: for the Fiber Artist," students will bring items, they would like to photograph and learn how to photograph them beautifully. Students will be expected to read over the coursebook before attending the class.


The class will be sectioned into four parts:

  •  Introduction to Photography - what makes a good photograph?

  • Q&A - time to ask any questions about the reading material before we start shooting

  • Shooting - students will have time to take photographs while receiving one one-on on-one guidance from Evanita to get the best shots possible.

  • Show & Tell - class will end with students sharing what they photographed, and discuss as a group what makes or breaks the photographs. There will be no harsh critiques; rather, gentle guidance on how to improve will be provided.


Level of Photography: Students should have a basic understanding of how to use their camera and feel comfortable with it.

Students should bring: A camera (mobile device, point & shootie, or DSLR/Mirrorless) and items they would like to photograph.

Supplies Provided by Instructor: Students will receive a digital copy of my online coursebook, "Outstanding Images: for the Fiber Artist," via email in advance to provide ample time to read it over. Lighting equipment, lightboxes, and backdrops will be provided. Students are welcome to bring their own backdrops or backgrounds.


Evanita is a fiber artist and photographer. Somewhere along the way while getting a B.A. in photography, she fell down a fiber rabbit hole. She enjoys photographing the natural world, knitting, spinning, and weaving. She’s also a fiber
arts and photography teacher for and the Photo Editor for tinyStudio Creative Life.

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Evanita Montalvo
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