James Perry's Daedalus Retreat Classes

Spinning Woolen Yarns

3 hours $25 materials fee

Have you ever lusted after lofty, woollen yarns but were always been too scared to spin them? Got that short-stapled fibre that gives you nightmares? Well, this is the class for you!

We will discuss handcarding, focusing on producing rolags for your spinning and will then discuss how best to spin them to give you a true woollen yarn. We will then move into the difference between English and American longdraw (point of contact). Through all of this, we will also delve into plying and finishing of your yarns, so that you can make the woollen yarns of your dreams!


Level of Spinning: Any, so long as you can spin a length of continuous yarn


Students should bring: A wheel, spare bobbins, lazy kate, hand carders, any fibres they want to spin woollen or to discuss.

Spinning Lace Yarns

3 hours $30 materials fee

Spinning fine lace is a pinnacle of achievement for most spinners. It’s something many aspire to and is included in many cultural traditions around the world. If you want to spin lace, this class is for you.

We will start looking at what makes a fine yarn different to standard yarns. We will then look at the all-important wheel adjustment and modifications you might want to try to make fine yarns easier, as well as good fiber prep and appropriate spinning styles. We will then spin a few indicative fibres, discussing ways to spin these successfully into lace yarns. Also covered will be handling of fine singles and plying them successfully!


Level of Spinning: Any, so long as you can spin a length of continuous yarn.

Students should bring: A wheel, spare bobbins, lazy kate, pool noodle/pipe lagging



James Perry (better known as Longdrawjames) is a 28-year-old fiber artist hailing from the UK with almost two decades of spinning experience. He is best known for his proficiency with longdraw as well as his penchant for both production spinning and spinning fine lace yarns for knitting and weaving. He is a Ph.D.-educated chemist, with science, engineering, and logic informing his whole approach to spinning. As well as being a spinner, he is also a spindle maker, dyer, and runs a small indie dyed fiber company, Ashen Wensleydales, with his best friend, who owns a flock of black Wensleydale sheep.

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