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Teachers for Daedalus Fly-In 2023

Charan Sachar

Charan Sachar is an artist whose work reflects his passion for the fiber arts, like spinning, knitting and weaving. He highlights his yarns with the use of color and textures. The fiber arts are also an inspiration for his clay work, decorating the surfaces to represent his love for fiber, keeping functionality and uniqueness in mind. His work can be seen at

Charan Sachar

Jillian Moreno

Jillian Moreno, author of Yarnitecture: A Knitter’s Guide to Spinning: Building Exactly the Yarn You Want, loves to spin yarn and knit, weave, and stitch with handspun yarn. She is living her best work life as a writer, teacher and as an editor for PLY Magazine and Jillian enthusiastically encourages spinners to relax and be happy making and using their handspun. Keep up with her fiber exploits at and on her handspinning Patreon at

Debbie Held

Debbie Held is a freelance writer, contented real-life spinster, and an international spinning instructor who almost always has a spindle in hand. She likes to make the more technical side of spinning seem more approachable through her spin on words. Debbie is a contributor to Spin Off magazine, PLY magazine, Schacht Spindle Company, and she works behind the scenes with other fiber-focused outlets, including copy editing for tinyStudio Creative Life Magazine. She’s also the writer behind the Interweave blog, Her Handspun Habit. 


James Perry

James Perry (better known as Longdrawjames) is a 28 year old fiber artist hailing from the UK with almost two decades of spinning experience. He is best known for his proficiency with longdraw as well as his penchant for both production spinning and fine lace yarns for knitting and weaving. He is a PhD educated chemist, with science, engineering and logic informing his whole approach to spinning. As well as being a spinner, he is also a spindle maker, dyer and runs a small indie dyed fiber company, Ashen Wensleydales with his best friend who owns a flock of black wensleydale sheep.

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